Monday, October 26, 2009

Orca The Killer Whale

(Click to enlarge to Orca-sized scan!)
I find the hyperbole in this ad amusing... "One of the most intelligent creatures in the universe." Really? Then why aren't they creating land vehicles that they can ride out of the ocean and kill us from?
And I love how they will seek vengence "across seas, across time, across all obstacles." Okay, over seas and time I'll grant them, but just sit on the beach beyond the high tide mark and you're pretty safe. They're not even gonna whip out a second-hand harpoon gun and shoot you.
UPDATE: I know my regular visitors have been wondering why the lag in entries; and the simple fact is that I have just about exhausted my collection of ads to post. If I run across more, either already in my collection, or if I add some more during my searches in flea markets and antique shops, I'll post them here. So check back occasionally!


  1. Very funny! Yeah, "across all obstacles."

    OK, so if I flirt with his mate or refuse her a job promotion, he will come to my house via the sewers, swim up through the toilet, then slither down my hallway to take me out?

    Shit! Since "all obstacles" will be breached, I don't stand a chance. So, game over! No suspense. No tension. It's just a given that I'm gonna get it.

  2. PoP,

    Yeah, if they made a movie that actually lived up to that hype, it would be a whole lot more entertaining! Having the whale involved in a high-speed car chase, exchanging gunfire between vehicles, and finally some orca-fu would be awesome to see!

  3. can i use "orca-fu" from now on whenever i think of taking revenge? what happens if you can't hold on to the whale's tail or can't learn their language in some minutes of hard breathing?

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  7. On the surface, this film could be a tacky rip off from Jaws. Both contain sea creatures that causes havoc to small communities and are killers. But the stories are very very different. Orca is by no means as good as Jaws, but if Jaws had never been made, or if it had been released before Jaws then it may of stood a better chance. Orca tugs on the heartstrings. It's a story about the death of a killer whales and the havoc and disaster that one mistake, made by a man, caused to several people. The special effects are good, and the 'fake' whales are very convincing indeed. Some of the acting is a bit hammish but I think Richard Harris and Charlotte Rampling do a good job. I would recommend this film but as long as the viewer can forget about Jaws and see it in it's own right!