Friday, August 15, 2008

The Neptune Factor

Clipped (crookedly) from the Macon Herald (GA) in 1973.

Significant to me because it featured two stars from my favorite Sci-Fi movies, "Forbidden Planet's" Walter Pidgeon and "The Time Machine's" Yvette Mimieux (who I had a major crush on). This movie was also known as "Bottom To The Voyage of the Aquarium" by those not kind enough to overlook the unconvincing effects, achieved by placing the sub miniatures down among ordinary fish and crustaceans. Irwin Allen did it better eight or nine years earlier on his TV shows.

From the clipping you can tell a few things about me at the time; I didn't cut too straight with the scissors; and that I would jot little commentary notes on the movie ads sometimes. I also cut away the movie theater information most of the time, since I didn't consider that important. Now, I wish I had been a better snipper, less of a penman, and more inclusive with what I saved. But really, the worst cutter was whoever clipped up the original slick and put it together in oddly-shaped pieces in order to fit in a smaller newspaper ad. They could have at least put all the sections on an equally black background to hide the edges!

I never did see the film; now that it's out on DVD I'll probably pick it up soon just to satisfy the inner kid that wanted to see it back then.

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