Saturday, October 11, 2008

Take Her, She's Mine

Clipped from the November 27, 1963 edition of "The Sentinel," of Lewistown, PA. This was on a Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, less than a week after the assassination of JFK. I get a kick out of the language used by Stewart's character in the ad... "My delicious dish of a daughter... every delicious delinquint inch of her is designed to drive her father NUTS!" Today that kind of statement would raise some eyebrows coming from a dad. Sounds like he had some issues of his own, huh?

Below is a theatre write-up about the movie from the same day's paper.

For your nostalgic enjoyment, here are a couple more items from that paper. A store Thanksgiving ad...

...and a portion of a full-page toy sale ad as the stores kicked off the holiday shopping season.

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