Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Long, Long Trailer

(Click images to view larger size.)

Both the ad and the photo below were scanned from my copy of the The Atlanta Journal from Sunday, Feb. 21st, 1954. As always, click to view in Super-Big-O-Vision!

Below is another small side ad that was in the same paper, thrown in for free for your nostaglic viewing pleasure. Please, if you are enjoying these posts, comment! I'm getting lonesome here...


  1. you are the greatest! i love these ads, espesh the yellow, grainy ones. that has always amused me visually. keep it up, please!

  2. Arthur,

    Thanks for leaving a comment and a kind word of encouragement! It's nice to know someone else is enjoying these posts... if it was all just for me, I could have left them in the scrapbook to get even yellower! :)

    So, keep coming back and I'll keep posting! Thanks again.

  3. I love the ads! Please know that I am watching...I might be quiet but I am enjoying the ads very much! I used to save ads when I was growing up (81-84) and one day I threw them away...sigh....stupid move on my part. thanks for not following my lead.

  4. Anon,

    Good to know you are there, lurking in the shadows and enjoying the ads! :) Thanks for tipping the slanted fedora as you fade mysteriously back into the mist...

    As for kicking yourself, I could do the same to myself for all the ads I tossed when clipping only the ones I was interested in! I would have a lot more to share if I'd just kept the whole page and not only the individual ads I wanted...