Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1951's Rhubarb

This huge ad, a quarter of a page, was scanned from my copy of the Kankakee, Illinois Sun-Journal, dated Sunday, October 7, 1951. I don't know about the movie, but they don't make movie ads like this any more! More to come from this same newspaper soon.

And in case you come away from the ad curious about the meaning of the word, "aelurophobe," well, it would be more scrutable if it were the expected "felinephobe." Scat, cat!


  1. Love this movie! Wish I could see it would make a great double bill with another strange baseball-related-movie-starring-
    Ray-Milland, IT HAPPENS EVERY SPRING, about a scientist who develops a chemical that repels things away from wood (the baseball team coats their opposition's bats with it, and they therefore can't get any hits). Both are extremely funny, forgotten movies.

  2. Dean,

    Thanks for the comments! Glad you are enjoying seeing these olds ads. And it sounds like that movie has a basis in fact, I think someone coated the bats on the Braves team with that chemical!