Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Was A Teen-Age Frankenstein

Not a newspaper ad, but an admat reproduced in a monster movie magazine from the 70's.


  1. Really great website. I can see you're from the South. I grew up in Atlanta and also clipped ads from the AJC. However, my collection disappeared a long time ago, so I'm really loving HELD OVER. About a two decades ago, I worked the late-nite shift at the AJC, as a copyboy. I used to go down to their microfilm section and make 11x17 copies of each page of the friday movie sections of the 1970s. I still have this collection today, and one day plan to scan them for the benefit of mankind. However, as they are copies, they won't look nearly as good as your clippings, but they exude their own sort of charm. Anyway, bravo on a great site. I'll be linking to it from

  2. Dean,

    Thanks for visiting, and for the great comment! I am adding your blog to my list of links. Awesome site! I look forward to when you start your movie ad posts, let me know and I'll link to that as well.

  3. It is gratifying to know that someone else did the same thing.
    I have a scrapbook full of movie ads from the 50s and 60s.
    I would be happy to share them with anyone who is interested.
    Keep up the great work,it's a fun site to visit.

  4. Krell,

    If you can scan them in a at least 200 DPI resolution, and want to share them, I would be glad to post them here and give you credit. I've just about exhausted my scrapbook, and sharing clipping sent in by readers would help it keep going.

    If you are interested, email me!