Monday, April 27, 2009

1953's Top Hat and The Cruel Sea

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, dated Sunday, Dec. 20, 1953.


  1. I'm enjoying this blog too, but it reminds me of all the stuff I used to collect but tossed out, decades ago. Moved around too many times.

    Kudos to anyone who managed to keep their "stuff" for so many years! I have almost nothing left, and with the prices on eBay, can't afford to "re-buy" old goodies! :P

  2. CMX54,

    I relate to the moving bit. When I was living with the parents, my stepdad moved on the average of once every three months. I went to nearly 20 schools and lived in over 40 different places! My trick was, whenever we went to my Grandma's house, I would take over the stuff I had collected since the last trip, and store it in the closet of the room I stayed in there, for safekeeping.

    We;ve moved a lot since I got our on my own and married, but I always boxed up everything carefully and hauled it with me. It now occupies three cabinets (which you can see on My Monster Memories blog on the sidebar) and when we last moved it took nearly 35 banana boxes to move just that stuff. I cursed myself for the trouble as I lifted the 20th box, but I'm glad I still have it!

  3. Ah, my dad loved sci-fi movies, and we went almost every weekend to the drive-in when I was a kid. I was pretty lucky that way.

    I have a whole shelf of sci-fi b-movies in the living room, near the DVD player, most of which my wife can't stand. If I play ZONTAR one more time, she might just leave me! =:O

  4. CMX.

    OMG, I have Zontar as wll, I saw it on Saturday afternoon Creature Feature about 1970 as a kid, and I finally found it on DVD last year. I was great to see it again after all those years!

    Here's a picture of my DVD collection, but it's outdated, I've filled another shelf level in that first case since it was taken. I hardly ever watch what's on TV.

  5. I don't watch TV at all (don't even have an antenna or cable), just my DVDs (and a handful of VHS tapes). But at my age and in my health, I recently looked at each DVD I own and asked myself, "Will I ever want to watch this again?" If the answer was "No," it went in the sell/donate box. Cut out half of my DVD collection that way.