Thursday, April 2, 2009

Capricorn One

Admat for "Capricorn One" from 1978.


  1. I just saw this movie on Turner Classics. What a cavalcade of 70's superstars!

  2. G and S...
    Yeah, and one can even forgive it for having O.J. in it! :)

    It has an awesome Jerry Goldsmith score too.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Sometimes I feel like one of the old 50's diners on an old highway that hardly ever gets a customer any more. When someone leaves a comment I get all excited!

  3. I know that feeling too! Hey, if you like wacky roadside stuff, stop by my blog some time!

  4. Just found your Blog and I'm enjoying reading through the posts. You have some great ads.
    Hope you dont mind me saving some for my Movie poster and clippings PC slideshow.
    Just wondering if you keep them in a scapbook or loose ?
    Cant wait to see future stuff, so keep up the good work.

  5. Anon,

    Thanks for writing! Glad you are enjoying it. Using the scans for your own PC slideshow is fine, it's only when reposting them online that I ask for a link back since I scanned them in from my own collection.

    Some of the early ones that I cut out and collected I taped in my scrapbook (you can see the old tape on some), but most I put in loose between the pages of certain sections. Glad I did that and didn't tape more of them!

  6. Well, I'm glad too as we can now see them in all their glory.
    Do you know which clipping is or was your earliest ?

    Anon 4709

  7. Anon 4709,

    Although I have clippings going back to the early 50's they were mostly acquired after I was an adult and was on the lookout for old papers. The ads I clipped at the time they came out, as a kid, started in the late 60's, but mainly in the 70's. I think "The Skull," which is posted here, is my first one that went into the scrapbook. I wish I had saved more!

  8. Heh, another great blog. Thanks, Frederick! :-)

    I used to have a huge collection of clippings, one sheets, pressbooks, you name it. Most of it long gone now, save for a brittle pressbook from my favorite 50s sci-fi film.

    As for Capricorn One, I saw it at a drive-in in '78, never liked the film, but love that JG score. (I used to call the film "Crapicorn One" lol.) ;-)