Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Batman Returns

Clipped from a Ft. Lauderdale paper in 1992.
Although I stopped clipping most newspaper ads after I got older (I didn't need to clip them when so much material was available, not like when I was a kid), I still did for some like this. Wish I had kept it up longer!


  1. I discovered the only newspaper clippings I have left are from a silly genre film I worked on as a special effects grunt, back in the late '80s. To this day, I'm amazed it even got a theatrical release.

  2. CMX,

    Thanks for commenting! What film, may I ask, was it? I have a lot of silly genre films in my video library.

  3. I'll tell you via email, but it was baaaad. Another feature I worked on around the same time was much cheaper, but also a lot better. Uh, better being a relative term here. ;)

  4. I emailed you but got no reply, so hopefully you got the message.